Replacement Full LED Backlight Array Panasonic 42″ SV0420A88 SV0420AA5 V420FWSD01 V420FWSD02 V420FWSD09 L5EDDYY00614 L5EDDYY00613 TX-42A/AS 10pcs BZ334000


New Replacement LED Bars with adhesive tape & 180 Days Warranty

Strip numbers: 

5pcs A Type Strip – SV0420A88_Rev3_A_4LED_130930 / SV0420A88_Rev2_A_4LED_130829

5pcs B Type Strip – SV0420A88_Rev3_B_4LED_130930 / SV0420A88_Rev2_B_4LED_130829


Compatible part number(s):

131126-WS-420-040-Pearl-C5-L + 131126-WS-420-040-Pearl-C5-R

SV0420AA5_REV0_A_4LED_140925 + SV0420AA5_REV0_B_4LED_140925

Screen Type(s):

Wistron V420FWSD09/02 V420FWSD09/01 V420FWSD01 V420FWSD02

L5EDDYY00614 L5EDDYY00613

Compatible Models: 

Panasonic TX-42A400B TX-42A400 TX-42AS500B TX-42AS520B TH-42A400E TX-42ASW504 TX-42AS520 TX-42AS500 TX-42AS500E TX-42AS520E

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Additional information

Weight 0.2 kg
No. of Bars:



SV0420A88_Rev2_A_4LED / SV0420A88_Rev3_A_4LED
SV0420A88_Rev2_B_4LED / SV0420A88_Rev3_B_4LED


Brand New Replacement

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