Here at TV LED Bars, we specialise in supplying television LED Backlight strips and bars only. We have TV service industry experience of over 50 years and realise how big of a problem finding certain parts can be.

We specialise in sourcing and stocking a variety of LED strips for brands such as LG, Samsung, Panasonic and Sony to name a few. Originally LED bars were never designed to be a service part – as with older CCFL tube lit LCD TVs, problems were minor with backlighting.

So the TV manufactures were forced into producing spare parts, but made the availability very difficult – and sometimes expensive to obtain LED bar service parts.

We stock original new, some salvaged and many different replacement parts. As some original LED bars are no longer produced or can be very expensive – our own BARZ brand replacement products can be great alternatives at affordable prices.

All LED strips and bars comes with a minimum of 90 days warranty –  the standard warranty period in the electronics service industry. All BARZ products carry a huge 180 days warranty!

Supplying many leading television service centres across the UK, Europe and beyond, you can feel confident you are dealing with professionals with many years of electronics repair industry experience.

Technical Support

We are strong believers that quality customer care is just as important as the products we sell and that’s why always aim to keep you in the loop every step of the way.

With experienced engineers only a phone call away, no question is ever too trivial or too technical.

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