Barz Products

Original manufacturer parts over recent years have become either more expensive, no longer available or of poorer quality. Here at TV LED Bars we aim to seek out a viable repair solution in favour of a set being written off (B.E.R) due to cost of replacement backlight LEDs.

This is why we have meticulously developed and manufactured our own improved Barz brand LED strips which we guarantee for a minimum of 6 months giving a cost effective solution for TV longevity.

What are Barz products?

• Improved Design – PCB quality is improved, usually copper coated high grade aluminium body for better heat dissipation and longer life

• Direct replacement LED strips – All of our own brand bars fit in as easily and quickly as the originals they replace, so no nasty surprises of badly fitting parts

• High Quality Components – Where possible,  we use Korean made components which are known to be the best quality available. Alternative components are only used when original ones are obsolete

• 180 Days Warranty – Double that of all leading manufacturer parts, with 90 days warranty being the standard throughout the electronics service industry, all of our products carry a huge 180 days

• Tried and Tested by Professionals – Our feedback shows the majority of engineers prefer using Barz products over original parts and will often seek to use our strips where possible

• Cost Effective Solution vs Manufacturer Original – Averaging 40% less than manufacturer original parts, Barz products are a cost effective solution making more repairs viable and improving product longevity

• Tape Always Included – All of our Barz own product come with double sided adhesive tape pre-applied unlike many manufacturer original parts

What makes us different?

Only stocking the highest quality products on the market, along with our own OEM made-to-spec Barz LED strips, know you’re in safe hand in the fact we are trusted by over 1000 professional businesses all over the globe.

Of the new samples we test, at least 80% do not meet our high standards and will never be stocked or sold by us. If you can’t find it in our catalogue, its either not available or of sub standard quality.

Each new product we try is fitted and soak tested in our backlight repair centre to ensure quality is of the highest standard and worthy of the Barz name.

We will never stock any products we aren’t happy to use ourselves in our own dedicated electronics repair centre so be assured all the parts you are fitting are of the highest quality.

Not available? Not a problem!

We can make almost any LED strip to spec and already stock most of the common types for LG, Samsung and Vestel, but almost any strip can be replicated, if the demand is there. Please fill out our parts enquiry form and we’ll get back to you swiftly.

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