Identifying Parts

There are many numbers which can all denote which LEDs bars are used within a set. Manufactures often use multiple part numbers for the same part, often making it difficult to know what parts are compatible.
The easiest way to search for LED service parts is by the manufacturer screen numbers. Alternatively to be 100% sure , most LED strips have a part number printed on the PCB and this
Many of the same model numbered sets use more than one type of LED Backlight. This can be used when searching but is not the most efficient way to search.

Identifying parts manufactured by LG:

Direct Lit LED Strips
Generally these use a 6916L number printed on the LED Strip PCB. A full array will also have a AGF number, but this number is not visible on the set. (P)

Edge Lit LED Bars
These are usually attatched to a large metal heatsink. This will have a 6922L number clearly engraved
Please note most edge lit bars do not some with the heatsink.
They will also carry a 6916L number on the LED Strip PCB but this seems to vary massively with many different numbers used for the same parts. (P)

Screen numbers:
Located on a white sticker , normally above the main PCB – This will start with LC, NC, HC or T. Screen numbers have many variations so a full screen number is required when ordering. (P)

Identifying parts manufactured by Samsung:

All samsung parts will have a small coloured sticker on the LED Strip PCB.
There within the lines of numbers on the sticker 25521A = BN96-25521A
Most strips also carry a part number printed on the LED Strip PCB, generally starting with 201, D, S, GJ or JJ. (P)

Screen numbers
White stickers in the centre or corner of the back of the panel, starting with CY, H, G, or T. (P)

Identifying parts manufactured by Vestel (Hitachi, Finlux, Toshiba, Luxor,  etc.)

Screen number
There will be a white sticker somewhere on the back of the panel with a screen number starting with VES. The full screen number is important as there are many variations, for e.g. VES400UNDS screens have 3 variations, VES400UNDS-01, VES400UNDS-2D-N01 and VES400UNDS-2D-N11 which all use different LED strips. (P)

Direct Lit LED Strip numbers
Vestel often use multiple LED Strip numbers , some of which have no distinct markings or numbers. Best to match model and screen type for guaranteed compatibility.

Edge Lit LED Strip numbers
Attached to metal heatsinks, part numbers for these are scarce and only usually identifiable by screen type. Many vestel models can have both direct lit and edge lit variations, so check the screen number carefully.

Identifying parts manufactured by UMC (Blaupunkt/Cello/Goodmans)

Screen numbers:
These are NOT enough to order by. UMC screen numbers only denote which LCD matrix is used- not the LED Backlight module. These are often tricky to identify and the set often need dismantling beforehand to obtain correct LED Strip numbers.

Identifying parts manufactured by Sharp

Screen numbers:

Look out for a HVW number located on a white sticker on the back of the chassis. This will guarantee part compatibility. (P)

Identifying parts manufactured by Hisense

With the back removed, there is a white sticker with a screen number. This will usually start with HD or HE. (P)

Identifying parts manufactured by Polaroid (chinese build)

Look for a white sticker with a screen number. starting with K . (P)

Identifying parts manufactured by Philips

Screen Numbers
Screen numbers will start with TPT or TPV. Again the full screen number is important to match but not always enough

Model numbers
It is also important to match the model number and screen number on the compatibility lists.

LED Strip PCB numbers are not so important with Philips as many variations of compatible parts and strip numbers are used with only one replacement type available.

Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs)
These can be identified by the solder pad patterns on the back side of the diode and LED part numbers are denoted by size. For e.g. LG 3528 diode measures 3.5mm x 2.8mm. Polarity can also differ.
The colour of a diode can change through usage hence sometimes exact replacements may appear a different colour.
The majority used are made by Samsung and LG. Most types are stocked.
Avoid cheap copies as these will last significantly less than originals and may pose a risk.

Unsure what’s inside? Sometimes we don’t know…

We can only supply parts for what we know is inside. Without any support from manufacturers and with little information available, we rely on customer enquiries and our own service centre repairs in order to find out ‘what’s inside’

Please note: Sometimes the holes in the strip may note line up with the locator spigots in the chassis. The LED strips can be stuck over these or if desired knocked flat. This is the case mainly with Chinese made sets.

If you are unsure how to identify which LEDs you require, please get in touch and one our experienced engineers will be happy to assist.
T: 0116 318 3131


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