LED Backlight Array LG AGF79047401 AGF79047201 49″ LC490DGE-FJM LC490DUE-FJA 6916L-2705A 2706A 2707A 2808A 8pcs

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• Brand New Manufacturer Original

• 8pcs LED Array

• Adhesive Tape Required ( Not Included)

• Match Screen Number Exactly

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SKU: BZ112920 Categories: LG, Manufacturer Original, New




6916L-2705A /  6916L-2706A / 6916L-2707A / 6916L-2808A

Compatible strip number(s): 

6916L-2709A  + 6916L-2710A  + 6916L-2711A  +6916L-2712A

Screen Type(s):

LC490DUE-FJA1 LC499DUE-FJA2 LC490DUE-FJA3 LC490DUE-FJA4 LC490DGE-FJM1 LC490DGE-FJM2 LC490DGE-FJM3 LC490DGE-FJM4 (FJ) (A1) (A2) (A3) (A4) (M1) (M2) (M3) (M4) (M5) (M6) (M7)

Compatible Models: 

49LF5010-NA 49LF5100-CA 49LF5100-DA 49LF5100-NA 49LF5100-SA 49LF5100-TA 49LF5100-UA 49LF5100-UF 49LF5100-ZA 49LF510A-TA 49LF510T-DA 49LF510T-TA 49LF510V-ZA 49LF510Y-TA 49LF513A-TA 49LF5400-NB 49LF5400-SB 49LF5400-TB 49LH5100 49LH5100-CE 49LH5100-DF 49LH5100-SF 49LH5100-ZE 49LH510T-DF 49LH510T-TD 49LH510V-TD 49LH510V-ZA 49LH510V-ZE 49LH510Y-TD 49LH511A-TE 49LH511T-TE 49LH513V-ZD 49LH5150-SE 49LH516A-TE 49LH520V-ZB 49LH5600-ND 49LH5600-SG 49LH5700 49LH5700-CD 49LH5700-DJ 49LH5700-SF 49LH5700-SJ 49LH5700-UD 49LH570A-UE 49LH570T-DJ 49LH570T-TD 49LH570V-ZD 49LH5730-DE 49LH5730-SE 49LH573T-DE 49LH576T-TD 49LH590T-TD 49LH590V 49LH590V-TD 49LH590V-ZA 49LH590V-ZD 49LH590Y-TD 49LH595T-TD 49LH595V-ZE 49LJ5100-DB 49LJ5100-SB 49LJ5100-UC 49LJ510M-UB 49LJ510T-TA 49LJ510V-TD 49LJ510V-ZD 49LJ510Y-TD 49LJ514T-TA 49LJ5150-ZD 49LJ515V-ZD 49LJ515V-ZE 49LJ523T-TB 49LJ5800-ND 49LJ5820-NC 49LJ5860-NC  49LV300C-NA 49LW300C-CA 49LW300C-NA 49LW300C-SC 49LW340C 49LW340C-CA 49LW340C-DA 49LW340C-TA 49LW340C-UA 49LW340C-UF 49LW340C-ZA 49LW340H-CA 49LW341H-ZA 49LW341H-ZD 49LW540H-NA 49LW540H-SA 49LW540S-DA 49LW540S-SA 49LW540S-TA 49LW540S-UA 49LW540S-UF 49LW540S-ZA 49LW541H-TA 49LW541H-TD 49LW541H-ZA 49LW541H-ZD 49LW560H-UA 49LW760H-CA 49LX300C-CA 49LX300C-NA 49LX300C-SA
49UH6030-SB 49UH6030-UD 49UH603T-DB 49UH603V-TD 49UH603V-ZE 49UH6090-UJ 49UH6100-CB 49UH6100-JE 49UH6100-PB 49UH6100-SJ 49UH6100-UH 49UH6107-ZB 49UH6109-ZB 49UH610A-UJ 49UH610T 49UH610T-DJ 49UH610T-TB 49UH610V 49UH610V-ZB 49UH6110-SF 49UH617T-TB 49UH617V-TB 49UH617Y-TB 49UH6200-ND 49UH6207-ZA 49UH620V-ZA 49UH6210-ND 49UW340C-NB 49UW660H-UD 49UW760H-CB 49UW760H-DA 49UW760H-SB 49UW761H-TD 49UW761H-ZA 49UW761H-ZD 49UW961H-TA 49UW961H-ZA 49UW970H-UD

AGF79047401 AGF79047201

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Weight 0.2 kg
No. of Strips:







AGF79047401 AGF79047201

Warranty Period:

90 Days

Tape Required:


Tape Included:



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