Replacement Full LED Backlight Array LG 47 DRT 3.0 LC470DUE LC470DUH FG AGF78400901 AGF78401001 47LB/47LF 8pcs


Please note: Soldering may be required!. Some new parts can have different wiring loom connectors. There are many variations of the same part but only one replacement array manufactured. We do include a working method guide in the parcel if you do find the connector to be different , but most are usually the same

Strip numbers: 

4x A Strip 6916L-1715A  / 6916L-1948A / 6916L-1961A

4x B Strip 6916L-1716A / 6916L-1949A / 6916L-1962A


Screen Type(s):

LC470DUE-FGA1 LC470DUE-FGA2 LC470DUE-FGA3 LC470DUE-FGA4 LC470DUE-FGA6 LC470DUE-FGM1 LC470DUE-FGM2 LC470DUE-FGM3 LC470DUE-FGM4 (FG) (A1) (A2) (A3) (A4) (A6) (M1) (M2) (M3) (M4)

LC470DUH-FGP1 LC470DUH-FGP2  (FG) (P1) (P2)

Compatible Models:   47LF5610 47LF580V 47LF5800 47LY320C 47LB5700-ZB 47LB5700-ZK 47LB570B-ZB 47LB570B-ZK 47LB570U-ZB 47LB570U-ZJ 47LB570U-ZK 47LB570V-ZB 47LB570V-ZF 47LB570V-ZJ 47LB570V-ZK 47LB572U-ZP 47LB572V-ZP 47LB5800-ZM 47LB580B-ZM 47LB580U-ZM 47LB580V-ZM 47LB580V-ZA 47LB580U-ZB 47LB580V-ZB 47LB580V-ZD 47LB5820-ZJ 47LB582B-ZJ 47LB582U-ZJ 47LB582V-ZJ 47LB582V-ZG 47LB5610-ZC 47LB561B-ZC 47LB561U-ZC 47LB561U-ZE 47LB561V-ZC 47LB561V-ZE 47LB563U-ZT 47LB563V-ZT 47LB565U-ZQ 47LB565V-ZQ 47LB5500-ZA 47LB550B-ZA 47LB550U-ZA 47LB550V-ZA 47LB551U-ZC 47LB551V-ZC 47LB552U-ZA 47LB552V-ZA 47LB629V-ZM 47LB630V-ZA 47LB631V-ZL 47LB650V-ZA 47LB652V-ZA 47LB653V-ZK 47LB650V-ZN 47LB585V

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