Original Full LED Backlight Array LG 32″ LC320DUE SF LC320DXE SF AGF78180001 AGF78202301 A1 B1 B2 Bars 32LN/32LA 3pcs


Important note: Please check which LED bars are fitted to your TV before ordering. In this model, the use of different LED bars vary depending on panel. Some use A1 + A2 strips – Others B1+ B2, some use  a mix, so best to check beforehand.

Condition: Brand New Original

Bars/Strips:  A1 strip = B1 strip = B2 strip.

3x A1/B1/B2 Strip 

You may have a mix of strips like 2x B1 +1x B2 or 2x A1 and 1x B2 – As long as you DONT have an A2 strip – this is the kit you need.

Compatible part number(s): 

A1 / B1 / B2  strip – 6916L-1105A / 6916L-1204A / 6916L-1437A / 6916L-1438A  / 6916L-1426A

All of these bars have exactly the same lamp arrangement and connectors

Screen Type(s):

LC320DUE-SFR1 LC320DUE-SFR2 LC320DUE-SFR3 LC320DUE-SFR4 LC320DUE-SFU1 LC320DUE-SFU2 LC320DUE-SFU3 LC320DUE-SFU4 LC320DUG-JFR1 (SF) (JF) (R1) (R2) (R3) (R4) (U1) (U2) (U3) (U4) / LC320DXE-SFR1 LC320DXE-SFR2 LC320DXE-SFR3 LC320DXE-SFR4 LC320DXE-SFU1 LC320DXE-SFU2 LC320DXE-SFU3 LC320DXE-SFU4 LC320DXG-JFR1 (SF) (JF) (R1) (R2) (R3) (R4) (U1) (U2) (U3) (U4)

Compatible Model Numbers:  32LN5700 32LA6200  32LN5400-ZA 32LN5403-ZA 32LN5404-ZA 32LN5405-ZA 32LN5406-ZA 32LN540B-ZA 32LN540R-ZA 32LN540S-ZA 32LN540U-ZA 32LN540U-ZB 32LN541U-ZB 32LN540V-ZA 32LN541V-ZC 32LN532V-ZD 32LA613S-ZA 32LA613V-ZA 32LA6130-ZB 32LA6134-ZB 32LA6136-ZB 32LA613S-ZB 32LA613V-ZB 32LA613V-ZF 32LA613V-ZG 32LA6132-ZB 32LA6154-ZB 32LA6156-ZB 32LA615S-ZA 32LA615S-ZB 32LA615V-ZA 32LA615V-ZB 32LA615V-ZE32LA615V-ZF 32LA6208-ZA 32LA620S-ZA 32LA620V-ZA 32LA6218-ZD 32LA621S-ZD 32LA621V-ZD32LA616V-ZG 32LN5707-ZA 32LN5708-ZA 32LN570R-ZA 32LN570S-ZA 32LN570U-ZA 32LN570V-ZA 32LN5708-ZE 32LN570S-ZE 32LN570V-ZE 32LN5758-ZE 32LN575S-ZE 32LN575V-ZE 32LN5757-ZE 32LN575R-ZE 32LN575U-ZE 32LN5778-ZK 32LN577S-ZK 32LN577V-ZK 32LN5788-ZE 32LN578S-ZE 32LN578V-ZE 32LN6108-ZB 32LN610S-ZB 32LN610V-ZB 32LN6138-ZB 32LN613S-ZB 32LN613V-ZB


Panasonic TX-L32B6B TX-L32B6E

MPN: AGF78180001 AGF78202301


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